Our first visitors

This morning I am driving Tom, Karen and Spencer to the airport to catch their flight home. It’s been a great 13 days!
In their time here we have done many things. We spent a night with friends having a BBQ, we spent a night up North at Malabou Beach Resort, we spent the day at Plage de Poé, we travelled to Nouméa, took a glass bottom boat to Ilôt canards and had a pool side day. In our travels we ate, drank, snorkelled, swam, picnicked, ate, drank, walked and chatted. What a great time it was. Our time with their family was so wonderful!
Having them here also helped we with two things. First, it bridged my time left here until my first trip home. We could talk about home, people, places and experiences. They lived there. They get it. And it also allowed me to see the island through their eyes. To hear Karen, ahh at the turquoise water, to see Tom excited about the fish while snorkelling and most importantly to see Spencer’s face on the glass bottom boat, it was joy only a 4 year old could experience. I love it here but I do have moments of what are we doing here or why are we so far from home. They just helped me remember why living here is so great.
Now I am home in Koné ( yes, no longer Pouembout) and the house feels quiet and lonely. I miss them already. Hopefully this time I won’t have to wait six years to see them again. Thank you Tom, Karen and Spence for coming to see us on our island!



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