Our first time off the island in 5 months! In New Cal and France this week has two statutory holidays. We decided 3 months ago that Keith would take an extra day and we would make it a long weekend and head to Australia. We wanted to visit Perth but the Parrots were just in New Cal so it was Sydney or Brisbane. We decided on Brisbane as it is a direct flight home. Coming here we had to travel via Sydney because they only fly to Brisbane every second day.
So we boarded our Air Calin flight to Brizzy via Sydney. I must say Air Calin was quite impressive with a meal and excellent service for families. Then a painless transfer of terminals and airlines to Qantas. We arrived in Brisbane and took the train to city centre.
Our hotel is just a block away from Queen Street mall and two blocks from the waterfront. It is so nice to have restaurants open all the time, shopping and to speak English again!
We went to the park at South Bank, took a city cat river cruise, had coffee at one of the many coffee shops and shopped. We ate Mexican, Italian, Japanese and even had a sausage roll. No meat pies, much to our dismay.
Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and head to the Gold Coast. Lets hope Keith can drive on the other side of the road!


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