Ever since we arrived on the island life has been unsettled. At first everything was new. New job, new country, new friends, new town, new car, new everything! Then we settled in a bit and moved to what I like to refer to as the waiting months. In those months the shine had worn off and the waiting for our home and our real life here to begin was in our thoughts daily. Then we moved, and a mere few days later came visitors and then a holiday.
All of a sudden it is mid May, and I ask myself, where has the time gone? Have we really been here almost 6 months? When our plane landed on Sunday evening all I could think of was being home, in our house. It was a new feeling since it was our first trip away from our new home. I wanted to put things in their place, play with Seth in the playroom, hang pictures on the walls and make supper in my kitchen. I finally feel settled. I have cleaned out all of the suitcases and all of the boxes. It feels good, it feels sunny. I know the next time I pack those boxes it will be to leave New Caledonia. When we talk about the weekend we now have little house projects we want to do. Who ever would have thought we’d look forward to yard work? But I guess that is part of having a home. Planting, racking, cleaning, I can’t wait!
So this weekend I won’t be at the beach, or driving to another town, I will be home putzing around in our house. My, it will feel good.



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