Patio Lanterns


This weekend is our first, quiet, relaxed weekend in our house. We have moved, had visitors, travelled and returned. We used to dread weekends like this in the apartment. If we had no plans for socialising or going somewhere then we would both get so antsy. In Canada we were always busy. We would travel to Saint John on the weekend, we had wine club once month, I had Saturday morning coffee with the O’Connells and family get togethers. When we moved here we missed it all terribly. The term nothing to to took on a whole new meaning. We literally had nothing to do!

This weekend after a busy month, I must admit I was kind of looking forward to a weekend with nothing on the agenda. Yet, when Friday arrived, I could sense the sinking feeling starting to creep up. Oh, maybe I would like to have something to do. So I took it upon myself to not let the weekend become my enemy. Yesterday, we raked the yard of rocks. Seth helped and thought it was so much fun to pick up the big rocks. We drew on the patio with sidewalk chalk, writing the names of all the people we would see at home this summer. We made lunch together, went  for a walk in the neighbourhood and even watched a movie! Today, we had a leisurely breakfast, went to do some shopping, hung patio lanterns and sipped coffee outside. As I sit here and type, I hear the buzz of a subdivision. Children playing, cars rolling by, people watering their lawns. I hear people speaking French, Spanish and English and then hum of air conditioning units. Did we have people for supper, host a wine club or visit grandparents? No, but we have enjoyed the weekend.

There are many reasons we decided to move here. At times during the process we questioned ourselves. What are we doing? We have had moments of regret but many more moments of happiness and as I gaze towards the mountain, I look around our yard, I know we were right. We are already richer. Where else would the glow of patio lanterns make me so happy?


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