Summer? Winter?

Today in Koné it feels just like an August day in Bathurst. The sun is shining, it’s warm and there is that gentle breeze that is warm but slightly cooler than the air. It’s one of those days where the humidity here is not killer. I can sit outside and feel comfortable. The cold water in the glass still has condensation. Yet, it’s almost winter here.
Lately I have been thinking if home a lot. It’s the time of year I love. The school year is almost finished, the weather is getting warm and the up coming summer holds so many promises. Here it’s not yet half way through the school year and it’s getting “colder”. Yet I feel the same. I yearn for those long summer days when the sun sets late in the evening. I guess 34 years in one climate will do that to you.
But I won’t want for too much longer because when it becomes real Winter here I will be sitting on my beach, on my bay with that gentle sun shining on me. We’ll play on the sandbars and enjoy those long summer days and nights. I guess I am pretty spoiled, aren’t I?


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