Six months ago

Six months ago today we left Bathurst. It was the coldest day and as I boarded the plane, I knew my life was changing forever.
At first, I will admit, it was tough. The journey alone to get here seemed never ending. And as long as I live I will never forget the feeling in my stomach as the plane touched down in Tontouta. Just remembering the feeling brings a quiver to my lips and I feel tears well up in my eyes. I was like a child peeking out the window hoping to get a glance of this island that, six month prior I had never heard of. Seth cried as we taxied into the gate and as he did I wondered if it was foreshadowing of what was to come. Then they opened the door and I felt like I had run into a brick wall of heat. Heat like I had never felt before. Those first few steps felt like I was wearing cement shoes.
In the days that followed I was amazed by the beauty of the island. I felt so many emotions that I thought I would come apart at the seams. I was frightened and excited, calm and overwhelmed. It was a few weeks of feeling a bit shell shocked. I remember meeting people and immediately forgetting their names. I remember thinking we would never meet friends. I remember finding things hard. Grocery shopping was such a chore.
But now sitting here in our home on a quiet Saturday I think of how far we’ve come. We have friends, things are calm, we don’t worry about things as much. I’ve stopped sweating and we’ve started to acclimatise. The everyday ebb and flow of life has returned.
Last night as I sat at a table with eleven other ladies, I realised that we have done it. We have survived the hardest part. I can look around and see friends and not just acquaintances. We have our routines and our favourite things and places. So although leaving home and becoming an expat was not a piece of cake, the first six months have been an amazing journey. I look forward to seeing what the next six will bring.


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