7 am

I wish video or a photo could capture my subdivision in the early morning. During that time it’s a mass exit and because most people work at the project, they all wear the same work clothes, it is really something to see. Men and women walking down the street to meet their drives all with navy pants and fluorescent yellow shirts. Cars spin by with four men all dressed the same. The crunch, crunch of work boots on the gravel driveways. The laughter in the still quiet morning air. The sound of the shutters being opened and the day beginning.
Something we have mentioned to each other, that is familiar to Bathurst is the fact that it is not uncommon to see people waiting for drives early in the morning. The only difference here is you know for sure they are headed to site.
Growing up in a mining town, in a mining family, talk of the drive to site and the carpool was not uncommon. The young engineer who just arrived and drove too fast on the “mines road” or how the leaves were turning colour in the fall or the bears, deer or moose spotted on the way in. The drive from my parents house to Brunswick Mine was about the same distance as we live from the mine here. And as I found out when I drove Keith to site this past weekend the parking lot and gate are similar as well. It just has that same feel.
Back to my neighbourhood, it’s 7 am and all is calm again. Everyone headed to site has left. It’s quiet again. The sun is over the mountain and soon the construction workers building all the new houses will arrive. Then on a regular day ( it’s school holidays) at 7:30 the second exit happens, all the mom’s driving the children to school. Then for the rest of the day there is just the swinging of hammers and the sound of construction.
The end of the day is far less impressive as different people arrive home at different times.
For some reason I find this whole event soothing and calming. Is it the familiarity? Is it the simplicity of the routine that I love? Who knows but I enjoy it. Well it’s 7:15 and that means its time for me to start my routine. Wherever you are today, enjoy your day!


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