Diapers, diapers

Somethings that happen in Koné still never cease to amaze me. Lately there has been an influx of great vegetables! It was a welcome sight after a few weeks of slim pickings. But that aside I must tell you about the ‘diaper dilemma’. About two weeks ago I noticed my box of diapers nearing the end. I usually buy big boxes of diapers when we go to Nouméa, but it’s been a while since we have been there. Not to worry I thought, they always have diapers, in smaller packages but diapers none the least. So, I added it to my shopping list. Little did I know that would begin the adventure. I went to the first store, none of his size, to a second store, same thing and then to a third where I found a small but appropriately sized package in the brand I use. I thought little of it and reminded myself that I should keep an eye out for more. It was only a few short days later that I was back on the hunt but what I would quickly come to learn so was everyone else. I eventually found one tiny package not in my preferred brand but really I didn’t care better that then nothing! I figured it would tied me over until the next delivery. Wrong again! Yesterday I went on a diaper finding mission, and found no size 4, 4+ or 5s anywhere! Not in corner stores or groceries stores, none. I started to panic.What would I do?? I came home fruitless and anxious.
This morning I found some at a grocery store. They are their brand but they work okay!
And so I ask you the same thing I asked the manager at one of the stores, where are the size 4&5? No idea. Really?
Luckily a friend was heading to Nouméa. She agreed to see if she could get me some. Phew! And as I continue with my regular shopping over the last few days I see that the diapers at the stores have been restocked but with no size 4…did they just stop importing them?
Living in New Caledonia is always an adventure. Maybe the lesson learned is it’s time to potty train?


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