Father’s Day

Today was Father’s Day and after some French toast I asked Keith what he wanted to do for his day. He suggested going to the East side of the island. I must admit the thought made me nauseated. You see to get the the East coast you must go on a road with the most twists and turns ever, but I could tell that he really wanted to go. So, while I did breakfast dishes and packed a picnic, Keith packed the beach stuff(in case it was warm).
By 9 am we were off and by 9:25 I was feeling the road effects. Seth snored away in the back seat as we went up, down and around. Once we arrived on the East side I was immediately pleased that we had decided to go. The sun was shining, the water glistening and the lush greenery was flowering. We headed North towards Touho and then onto Hienghène. The drive is beautiful, with ocean on one side and mountains on the other. We wanted to see the famous hen of Hienghène. It’s a rock formation that looks like a hen. They also have a second that looks like a sphinx, although I find it looks less recognisable than the hen. We decided to continue on past Hienghène to see a waterfall that Keith had read about. It was not as big of a waterfall as expected but the way the road changed and scenery was pretty spectacular. Once we checked out the waterfall we turned around and start the drive back South. We had a picnic overlooking the water and these spectacular rocks. Then we packed up and continued to drive South towards Poindimie. We played in the waves and strolled on the white sand. It turned out to be an exceptionally hot day, for “la saison fraîche”.
We finished the day with surf and turf for supper. It was such a great day! Sometimes those unplanned adventures here are the best. It reminded me of our first trip to Poindimie and the beach nearly seven months ago. I feel there will be many more adventures in our future. Happy Father’s Day!



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