Thinking of home

As the days draw closer to my first trip home in 7 months I have been reflecting a lot on myself and our life as expats.
I never really allowed myself to dream of going home since we arrived. At first it was because I felt that I had to push forward and not let the momentum swing back. We had to adjust and adapt and dreaming of home would only prolong the adjustment period. The other fact of the matter is that in the beginning I really had little time to miss home. Don’t get me wrong there were days where I wished my mom would walk through the door or I could just go visit one of the girls but the necessity of getting organised and exploring took up a lot of time.
Then came the move to the house, our wonderful visit from the Parrotts and our trip to Australia. By the time the dust settled I realised we were getting much closer to our visit.
Yet as the days slip ever so closer I can’t help but think about how I have changed. It’s not a huge, life altering change in me but there has definitely been a shift. Living here had pushed me past my comfort zone on many occasions. I have seen things I never imagined both good and bad. I have learned to depend on just me or Keith.
I know that Bathurst will not be exactly the same. My house on Riverside Drive is not where I will be staying. People will be busy doing everyday things. I will for the first time be a visitor to the town I have known all my life. I will be the girl filling up on Danny Burgers and Donairs.
But the comfort in going home is the people. I miss my family and our friends. I can’t wait to hold Baby E in my arms for the first time or get hugs from the girls ( not bisous). I can’t wait to see my Mom and Dad’s face when I walk off that plane! I can’t wait to see how all our friends children have grown. I can’t wait to walk in a store and see familiar faces.
Yet I am sure it will be different. Because, while it will always be where our hearts belong, it is no longer home.
I can’t wait!



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