A fun Monday

Today Seth asked me to ‘go to the pool’ that in his mind the beach. Yesterday we had planned on taking him to the beach but by the time we finished talking to friends and family it was to close to nap time.
So when the little man asked to go, this mom felt she should make it happen. After some thought and a few text messages I decided to head to Gatope beach in Voh. For some reason we had never been there before. Although it is winter here it was 29 degrees and I am sure hotter with the humidity. We didn’t pack a picnic or even bring very much. A bucket and two towels and we were off. That is the thing I love the most about New Caledonia, everyday you can discover something new! So, off to Voh I went with a vague idea of how to get there. We made it with no issues and I must say it was the perfect afternoon at the beach. We had the place to ourselves! We built sandcastles, skipped rocks and Seth even wanted to swim. Two hours later and we are home. He is laying on the couch looking at books and is totally played out. What a great Canada Day!


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