You might just stumble upon a fair




Our Saturday mornings have suddenly developed a wonderful routine of getting up a little later, me making coffee and Keith and Seth heading to the Koné bakery to pick up yummy French pastries. Followed by a leisurely trip to the grocery store and then home for lunch. Our Saturday afternoons however are rarely planned. But this Saturday I wanted to show Keith Gatope beach. My unexpected trip there earlier in the week had me wanting to show off my find. So off we drove to Voh. As we approached the beach I noticed that there were a lot if cars. I had heard that it was a popular spot on the weekend so I figured since it was such a nice day, that it was just that. Was I ever wrong! As we got closer to the action I realised that there was something going on! We parked the car and walked over to see what it possibly could be. And there set up on the road next to the beach was a fair. There was a stage, music, vendors selling brochettes, plants, clothing, jewellery and produce. There were kids games, a bouncy castle and a magician! Cotton candy galore!!How did we not even know this was happening? I guess when they close the sale of alcohol for the weekend then I should really read the posting as to why. I would have know about the festival.
We wandered around taking in the sights and smells. We let Seth play on the beach while we listened to the magic show in the background. What can I say? You never know what you might find around the next corner in New Caledonia! Bon weekend!


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