A single moment


Have you ever had one of those moments where everything just felt so right? Where the world around you just seemed to slow down and almost stop? Tonight I experienced one of those moments. It was what I think people refer to as pure bliss.
Seth was tucked into bed, Keith and I had finished the dishes and tidying. We decided to try out our new fire pit. In Canada we would have purchased a fire place for outside and burned citronella logs but here on the island we decided to use rocks from our yard that had yet to be landscaped and build a fire pit. We collected twigs and branches and had piled them into the fireplace. We sat there in silence around the fire. It crackled and snapped creating that all too familiar sound. The night was clear. It was slightly cool, just enough to make the fire comfortable. And the sky, like on all clear nights here was unbelievable. It looked like what I would imagine to be a million stars. Keith asked if I had ever seen the Southern Cross? No, I haven’t. As he pointed out to me I had to take a moment. It was just one of those moments, when you realise that all is well. We are healthy and happy. We are comfortable here in our home and the simple things in life make us so happy. Thank you New Caledonia!


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