Whenever our plane landed last December and they opened the door I felt like I had been hit by a wall of heat. I had never in my life experienced weather that warm. It was 37 degrees! It probably didn’t help that we had left Canada in -25!
In my suitcase I packed 2 pairs of pants and 2 long sleeve shirts. In the first weeks, even months here I swore I was a fool for bringing them along. I swore I would never ever be cold on this island. Well in the last couple days I have had to eat my words. I can say it, it is true, I am cold. On Saturday night we attended a going away party, most of the festivities took place outside and as the sun set behind the mountains, the cool air crept out of hiding. There I was, standing there with pants and a hoodie, zipped all the way up! How could this be? How could I possible be cold on this tropical island?
As it turns out we are in what they call ‘la saison fraîche’. This season runs officially from June to mid September. The sun sets early and the nights are cold. Days tend to have temperatures that range from 22-26. The days for me, are still beautiful and warm. The temperature is no longer what I call smoking hot. I still wear my summer clothes but the locals are wearing pants, jackets and even hats! The local store is selling flannel pyjamas! I was astonished to see these pjs and laughed it off saying, oh it’s not even cold! Yet, again, never say never because as I type it is 2 am and I am cuddled under a duvet and a fleece blanket. The house is cold. It’s 11 degrees out. And I know my Canadian friends are thinking, oh that’s not cold! But here is that reality check. In Canada our houses are heated, if it dips below 17 I know my furnace would automatically click on. Here it’s 11 outside and although warmer, it’s chilly inside. There is no furnace. Maybe I was wrong to laugh at the flannel pyjamas? I would love a pair right now!
Yet I shall not complain, la saison fraîche is like Canadian summer it comes and goes quickly. And I just know that as the heat returns, I will dream of these cooler days. I am off to snuggle up and get some sleep!


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