Jet lag woes

It’s 4 am and I am awake. This makes me happy. I bet you are asking yourself why? Well since arriving in Canada on Monday we have been in the thick of jet lag, so the fact that it is 4 am and Seth is asleep is a pretty big accomplishment!
When we moved to New Cal we experienced minimal jet lag. A few early mornings and a few early nights but we generally felt little jet lag. This is what had me ill prepared for this week. The flying East jet lag. Monday night, Seth sleeps 7pm -1am, then wakes and decides it daytime. He has a short nap from 4-7. Argh! Tuesday he wakes at 12am and goes back to sleep 5-7. Wednesday was what I thought was the breaking point, I figured we could not have another night. I followed all the ‘rules’ expose him to lots of sunlight, no late afternoon nap, a snack before bedtime, lots if daytime activity. I was ready for Wednesday night! Wednesday arrived and at 1am I heard the pitter patter of little feet and the inevitable ‘momma’ from 1-6 we were awake. At 6 he fell asleep on the living room floor mid choo choo. My thoughts were this child may never sleep again! I researched more with one article stating that for every hour of time difference it would equate to 1 day of adjustment….14 days!!! Oh no, I needed to make a plan. So yesterday I let him sleep from 6-10am when he woke we had our normal breakfast. I noticed he ate more. This was an improvement. Then I called in the Grammie and the Nanny. Grammie would do the 10-1 shift and Nanny 1-4 of operation no nap. I had to go to the dentist in the morning and try and catch up on my average 2 hrs of sleep a night since Sunday. Operation Grammie/Nanny proved a success they were able to keep him up. I then had him play with two if his little friends and a late supper if 6. At 7 pm he fell asleep and I have only heard mild stirring once. I think we may have turned the corner.
What I needed to realise in all this is that only time can cure jet lag. There is no magic formula. Setting your body to a total reverse time zone is tough. But after a few tough nights for me and Grammie we seem to have arrived at a bit normalcy. So there you have it 4 nights and we are almost there. So I am off. I need to try and catch a few zzzs too.



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