Returning to New Caledonia after five weeks

Today I am all upside down. Less than 24 hrs ago we stepped back on to the island after I spent 5 glorious weeks in Canada with friends and family. It was a shorter trip back, only 41 hrs, and I think Seth could probably travel without me for most if it! We were even pretty successful at combatting the jet lag and almost made it to 7:30pm.
Before I left someone mentioned to me that the first trip home was always fun but then return would be tough. Throughout the vacation I constantly had this in the back if my mind. Hiw would I do upon return? So to put my mind at ease, I shopped until dropped for new clothes. I went to the grocery store and bought carts full of fresh produce, whole wheat bread, all dressed chips and ginger ale. We visited friends and family, and they visited us at the cottage on Youghall Beach. We ate and ate and ate. We drank non French wine. I drank coffee from the drive thru, yes, Tim Hortons. We golfed, boated and built sandcastles. And finally, we got to witness my lovely little sister get engaged to Alex! What a time it was!
Yet, there are a few things I realized while we were back;
1. As much as I love the grocery store I ended up wasting food because we could never eat it all.
2. The ease of getting fast food is dangerous, no wonder North Americans are over weight, but a few Danny Burgers can never hurt, right?
3. We are used to a much slower pace of life now, somedays I was spinning so much was going on.
4. People still have no idea where New Caledonia is…Australia?
5. I took for granted the ease of life in Canada
Now, realizing all of this and knowing this time where I was going, made everything blurred. I missed Canada, but, I still missed New Caledonia. It’s funny how one can be torn between two homes. I guess it is a testament to our friends and family here in New Cal and at home in Canada. We are a pretty spoiled bunch!
And now begins the task if returning to normal life. The jet lag is much better flying West, so that battle is almost over. I already made my first trip to the grocery store and it was very successful! There are two new stores open since we left and as usual lots of construction happening all around us. Our yard has had ‘grass’ planted and the gate installed, and we have inherited some new plants. The weather is warming up and we have Seth’s second birthday to look forward to. I must admit our life on both sides of the pond is good. So, I must go, my vacation too is over, I have coffee to brew, a diaper to change and day to start.


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