The best stroller

I have been wanting to write about my stroller for a long time. It just never seemed to fit on the blog. I write about adventures in New Caledonia not strollers. But after this last visit back to Canada I have decided that its worth talking about.
Rewind 2.5 years. I was pregnant and searching for a stroller. I think I spent more time looking for a stroller than our last car. I finally decided on the Bumbleride Indie. At that time we had no intentions of moving to the other side of the world. The Indie was perfect for us. We loved that you could use the car seat with it or not and it was easy to fold and to maneuver. Skip ahead to July 2012. It was decided that the family was moving to New Caledonia. The beloved Indie would making the trek in the air cargo box that would follow. We needed a travel stroller. I must admit the research was basically an hour of me pretending I wasn’t buying another Bumbleride! After my hour of ‘research’ we order the Flite from Ana Banana Baby. My favorite baby store!
That stroller has been amazing! It has a ton of miles on it. I wish it could talk! its been to Montreal, Vancouver, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney along with most of the state of Maine. It folds super easy and is self locking and I can do it with one hand ( good when you are travelling alone). The flight attendants always marvel at it! It zooms from gate to gate and is roomy. Seth calls it his plane stroller. And me being me, I have bought or have been given every accessory to go along with it, and the bonus they all fit the Indie too! I am gushing like a new parent, but if you travel with children, you know that something like this can make the world of difference.
In our recent trip back to the island, we used it with the parent pack and to my delight it folds with it on! Two cup holders, one for a sippy cup and one for momma! But the drama almost unfolded when the stroller was a no show at the aircraft door in Nouméa…where was my stroller? After a few quick questions to the flight staff I was told to go to oversized luggage. So I carried Seth through customs, with a diaper that was leaking and to baggage. And then we waited, and waited and waited. Where was my ruby red stroller? I was starting to panic. Keith had all the bags but no stroller. I started to think about how I could replace it? How would I manage to get another one to the island? But luckily the plane stroller came through the luggage, it was last, but not forgotten. Phew!
Now it’s hanging up in the garage waiting for its next adventure. Where we will go has yet to be determined. Maybe Île des Pins?



One thought on “The best stroller

  1. Thank you for mentioning your Bumbleride Flite and Indie! We are so happy to hear that they have been so helpful travelling and on the island! We look forward to reading about your next adventure.

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