Yard work

The first weekend after vacation is usually one to get reorganized and catch up on sleep ( if you vacation like us). But this weekend included neither of those things. While we were gone they planted our lawn. Now, the way the plant a lawn here is very different. It seems to be done one if two ways. They can either dig up runners and plant them sporadically throughout the yard or the cut small squares of sod and plant them. We had the runner lawn planted. It was planted on August 8, seventeen days before our return. So needless to say, left to Mother Nature the lawn had seen better days. So Saturday morning we were off to search for a few things at the hardware store. While we were there buying supplies for our other project, I noticed grass seed! Now this may seem like a ridiculous thing to get excited about but previous to this sighting I had heard you could only buy it in Nouméa. Score! 3650 xpf later ( about $40 cdn) we had our ‘gazon tropical’.
The other items on the shopping list included some type of decking or base for the spa we were picking up later that afternoon. Upon much debate we settled on artificial turf. It’s environmentally friendly and low maintenance. No mowing here!
The rest of Saturday was spent levelling the ground, laying the base and then installing the hot tub. We let the water heat over night and then enjoyed a soak this morning. Pure bliss!
Sunday has been no day of rest either. After an inspection of the lawn I decided to remove all the really dead runners and rake out the rocks. After cleaning it all up we then planted the precious seed. Now we wait, 1-3 months is what I’ve been told. But when it’s all said and done I am hoping that it will look nice.
There is a real sense of satisfaction in making our yard nice. Much more then I ever felt in Canada. Maybe it’s because it takes much more work and therefore it really becomes your yard. I am sure the next few weeks we will end up doing more outside. Summer is coming and we will be spending more time outside. Until next time!





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