Seth’s 2nd Birthday

September 19th is a special day in our house. It’s Seth’s birthday! Last year we celebrated with oodles of friends and family in our little house on Riverside Drive. This year, like everything else in the last 10 months, would be different. Last year there were piles of presents, two cakes and people everywhere. This year was much more low key. Mommy, Daddy and the birthday boy!
The day started at 5:15am…just like most days here on the Caillou. Our jolly, now 2 year old hopped out of bed and yelled, “hello!” Like he does most mornings. Keith and I led him to the living room where we had hung the Happy Birthday sign and had his presents stalked on the coffee table.
We decided there was no time like the present to dive into the gifts! He opened the two of them while his grandparents watched via the iPad. A Hot Wheels track and a Mickey Mouse figurine. He was over the moon with excitement. I was happy considering last year I think we opened gifts for 45 minutes!
Keith had meetings in Koné, so that meant an extra hour before he left for work so it was French toast and bananas for breakfast.
After Keith left, Seth amused himself with his new track while I got started on the cake. Lets again start by saying I am no baker. Last year I bought two cakes at the grocery store. I looked here for a cake mix but, the three stores I checked had none. Oh my, this girl was going to have to make it from scratch?!? I quickly searched my recipe database aka Pinterest to find an ‘easy cake’. After several minutes, okay a half hour, I found my recipe! I made the cakes, which actually, were quite simple and popped them in the oven. Thirty-five minutes later I had two cakes. Hmmm, what to do with them now? Back to my database to find a ‘easy cake decorations’ followed by ‘simple cake decorations’ I settled on icing it and then adding Kit Kat bars around the edges and M & Ms on top. I will say it turned out pretty good but I did run out of Kit Kat bars and after having spent $30 on chocolate bars and M&Ms I deemed it, good enough. In between making the cake we had calls, video messages and emails from home. And Seth even got to open one more present when his othet set of grandparents called. They had sent it along with me in August. A cool puzzle!
Seth decided that being two was tough work and settled in and had a marathon three and a half hour nap. Just enough time to clean the kitchen and get supper prepped. Now, most kids would love hotdogs or hamburgers for their birthday supper but not my child. His request? Soup! Oh what a kid! So, we had soup!
After supper, Seth asked if he could have his Happy Birthday Mya cake. We tried to explain to him that not every cake belongs to Mya, his friend back home, yet he remains unconvinced. We sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles and dug into our cake.
All in all it was a really nice day. Although we missed all our family, the calls, emails and messages were great and a simpler celebration may have been just the ticket. I am already looking forward to next year!



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