Foire de Koumac

Yesterday morning Seth slept until 7:30am for the first time in many, many months. It was exciting but at the same time it kind of changed the day. With a late start there was much debate over whether we should head to the Foire de Koumac. We figured if there is something going on we should probably go. We ate breakfast, got ready and hit the road. It was sunny.
About an hour later we were driving into Koumac and it was pouring rain. Argh! Oh well we are prepared right? We have umbrellas and rain coats? No? Oops! But in true New Cal style we carried on. I must say for starters, the foire must be the most well organized event we have been to on the Caillou. We entered the grounds and were greeted by the gendarmes. “What do you have under your seat?” “Nothing we replied. “Not even a little knife?” Umm no! After we cleared the check point, next on the where we paid. Two adults, 800xpf or about $10, Seth was free. Then we were directed to the field to park where the military were directing traffic. There must have been 15 if them making sure you were parked just so. We parked and got ready to brave the rain.
The foire was much bigger than I expected. It had rides for the kids, tons of snack bars and little restaurants, tattoos and piercings, artists, and kiosks with plants, toys, cooking supplies, books, jewelry and games. They had a large stage and barns set up with animals. And let’s not forget about the whole rodeo side of things. Bulls and horses galore!
We wandered the rows and checked out all kinds of things. The rides were pretty wet and when we asked Seth if he would like to go on them his answer was, no. We snacked, chatted with a few friends and after almost two hours we were wet and decided it was time to go home.
All in all it was a great experience. Even though we were wet (and even a bit cold) we were happy we had decided to attend. I can’t wait until next year, hopefully it will be sunny!


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