I never thought I would miss the autumn. I surely didn’t miss winter or spring, why would I miss the fall? Maybe it’s that back to routine after a lazy, unstructured summer? Or is it the change in weather? Cool nights and frosty mornings bookends to warm sunny days? Who really knows but I have found this past month the time that I wish I was home the most.
Since I have began pondering why I missed it so I realised a few things. First, I don’t miss rainy, damp, brown mushy leaves fall. I don’t miss, the use your credit card as a scrapper for your windshield ( because you don’t have you scrapper in the car yet) fall. Nor is the the getting ready for winter chores part, or the wearing of your snowsuit under your Halloween costume! It’s the romantic images of Autumn. You know the glorious red, yellow and orange, red apples, orange pumpkins and hay bales. It’s the smells as well; nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin. The smells that make you warm inside. It’s the autumn clothes too! The boots, vests and light hats with scarves merely there for the look not because its blistering cold. That is the fall I miss.
So with all those visions in my head this past weekend I jumped the gun and prepared my traditional Canadian Thanksgiving feast. Now, I know, it’s only Thanksgiving this coming weekend but it was wet and slightly cool ( 25!) so I rolled with it!
First I made homemade stuffing with white baguette, oodles of butter, sage, thyme and homemade summer savoury. Then I stuffed heaping amounts into my chicken. I made puffballs (my family’s Thankgiving & Christmas ONLY answer to the potato) and no you can’t have the recipe. Then I made carrots in chicken broth and apple pie. I wanted to make pumpkin pie but the do not sell canned pumpkin filling and the pumpkin here is just not the same. It’s closer to squash. Then after the chicken was perfectly roasted I prepared the gravy from scratch, just as my mom & dad taught me many, many moons ago. Did it taste exactly the same? No, not really. Did it fill that void of autumn in my Canadian soul? It did. Keith was pleased as well and Seth, our little island boy, well in typical Seth style he wanted to eat the carrots and chicken…no puffballs (gasp) nor stuffing!
All in all it was a success, I still see pictures on Facebook of all the autumn outings and colours but I feel much more satisfied now. So as the winter here closes and moves quickly back to summer I will remember one thing. When the fall is over then comes winter, and I don’t miss that one bit!
Happy Thankgivings to all my Canadian friends and family!


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