Before I get started I want to apologize for my lack of blogs. I have good reason, which I will discuss later. For now let’s talk about Halloween!
As it turns out Halloween is a big deal in Koné! The stores are decorated, the houses lit up and treats are ready for consumption. The treats are definitely different from what we are used to. No mini chocolate bars or bags of chips. Here they sell bags of hard candy, containers of gummies and lollipops. Besides the hard candy nothing is individually wrapped. It’s a bit of a change for us but still fun none the less.
We set out tonight at 5 o ‘clock. We had witches, pirates, superheroes and lots of other scary goblins. We trick or treated in a Green Acres, the biggest of the subdivisions. It was fun, kids running and yelling. Every now and then we would hear some yell ‘car’ but it was fairly tame. Seth only collected about 6 treats but he enjoyed being with the other kids and the excitement.
On the way home Keith and I talked about how it reminded us of our Halloweens as children, homemade costumes, a little more freedom for the kids. It was great! And as we pulled into our yard Seth yelled at the top of his lungs, ‘ trick or treat !’ Happy Halloween!



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