The changing of the tires

When we left Canada I imagined a life with no twice a year tire changes. No longer would we have to put on winter tires and then change to summer tires in the spring. I imagined going two years with no dreaded trips to the tire shop.
Well I was wrong. First of all I didn’t realize that most if the roads in the Northern province are made of chip seal, not asphalt. Secondly, I failed to think that these tires would wear quicker because they were on all year.
The first tire event happened in March while I was battling an intense stomach flu. The car had a bad vibration, aka it was not aligned properly and it wore the two front tires nearly bald. I remember little from the whole fiasco except paying the huge bill, nearly $1000 CDN for two tires and an alignment . So, you can imagine my chagrin when we returned from vacation in September and I noticed the two rear tires wearing away. We tired to get them done in Nouméa at the ‘no appointment necessary’ place but arrived 10 minutes after it closed. Then the last 6 weeks I have had to much morning sickness to even think of tires. But this morning I felt good! I dropped Seth at the NouNou and headed to a relatively new shop. My goal was two tires no more than $800. Let me tell you that the customer service I received at L . M. Pneumatique is the BEST I have ever received on the island! Courteous, polite and efficient ! In 30 minutes I had chosen, installed and paid for my two tires. The bill was less that half of my goal. Which leads me to believe we may have been taken advantage of by the previous business.
It just one if those days that makes you happy. Koné is a town in transition. It’s rapid growth sometimes leads to problems with supply and demand but I see a change. The tide is turning, the town is starting to fill out its new shape. It’s just the beginning!


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