Life today

Lately we haven’t had any grand adventures. The hum of everyday life has taken over. We have our routine, friends and things we like to do. Don’t get me wrong there is always something happening but it seems less intense. Last week we did the tire change followed by Keith’s windshield getting a piece if wood through it. It wasn’t nearly as complicated to figure out how to get it repaired as in the past. We know things now!
This week we had my first ultrasound for the baby. An exciting moment for the whole family! It was without hiccup either, no misunderstandings because of language or trouble finding the place.
Life has somewhat calmed down. In a good way. I no longer feel like an outsider living my life. I know things, I am less timid to ask questions and my French accent has morphed to sound more local.
Seth is settled into a routine as well. Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings he goes to daycare or as he calls it “play with the kids” He loves the social interaction and he is learning some French. Friday is playgroup and that only leaves two days with boring old mommy.
As Christmas approaches we are preparing in a much different way, we are tending to the yard, getting ready for Keith’s parents arrival and planning a Christmas Day party, not with hot turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy (it will be way to hot for that)but with cold salads, cold shrimp and ham. Christmas in the tropics means no sleds or snowshoes for gifts it means bicycles and beach toys!
So that is it. No grand adventure today. It may seem dull but it’s not. It’s comforting that our home is settled. We are here and our life is pretty great!


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