It makes you wonder

Today my sweet little man was sick. It all began last evening with a rise in temperature followed by a spike in temperature to 40 degrees followed by me washing all of our bed linen at midnight. You get the idea.
It was the first time that he has been ill. We had a cold that was bronchitis but nothing that really scared me. Last night in the dark laying next to his little body that was on fire, I wondered what exactly was the plan if things got worse? With no hospital in Koné we must rely on the services of the Dispensaire. It’s like an ER after hours and a clinic by day. Well sort of. They have doctors, nurses, a dentist, a midwife and a paediatric nurse. There is a little sign that says Dispensaire and then the building. It’s were you go in case of an emergency. I see the sage femme aka midwife there but other than that I have been fortunate enough not to visit.
Others thoughts going through not only my mind but, Keith’s was dengue fever. We know that dengue is around us, that one mosquito can lead to serious and sometimes deadly consequences. Don’t get me wrong you don’t always get that strain but it’s possible. So in the middle of the night with your child burning up beside you, you wonder… did he get bit? Did I put insect repellent every time? Maybe I should put him in long sleeves all the time ?
As it turns out 24 hours later the fever has finally broke. My nurse training, inadvertently given by my mother paid off. Cool face clothes on the forehead and neck, lots of fluids and Tylenol(no ibuprofen here, it’s has bad affects on dengue) ever 4 hrs and the little man is back on his feet.
It’s one of those days that makes me miss my mom, the nurse, the one who always made me feel better when I was sick. Yet, on the flip side it’s also one of those days that you realize that you are able to figure it out. We are his parents and we are here to take care if him, just like our parents took care of us, even if we are on the other side of the world.



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