As we end the first day of the new year I feel a bit sad. I always do on New Year’s Day. It is the official end to the holiday season. People tend to take down their trees, get back to the schedule and life returns to normal.
This was our second year in New Caledonia for Christmas. And after two years without a white Christmas I must admit I feel a bit let down. Don’t get me wrong, we had Keith’s parents here over the holidays, Seth was excited like only a child could be on Christmas morning and we had a wonderful Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. But, it’s just not the same. I want snow, mittens, hot chocolate, rum & egg nog, glistening snow and twinkling lights. I want skating and sliding, the bustle and the energy. I want my Christmas. The one Keith and I grew up with. Now I know that some people will be thinking, ‘oh Kathryn, come on’ but it’s true. Sunshine and beaches are great all year round but not from December 15-January 1!
Here it’s hot, really hot! Santa arrives on a horse, we eat our Christmas dinner outside. We sweat and drink cold drinks while we BBQ. There are decorations but not on the homes ( well except for ours!) People head to the beach and play in the sand. The grocery store is filled with oysters, cherries, dried fruit, cheeses and chocolate. People spend time with their family and friends, and buy each gifts. But some how it’s just not the same.
So, while we have lots to be thankful for this Christmas, I must say, I am dreaming of a white Christmas! Maybe next year?


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