Nursery Time


Well, Christmas has come and gone, our anniversary and New Year’s. Welcome 2014! This year we have lots going on! A new baby boy in late May, a visit from my sister at that time, our annual leave home, my other sister’s wedding and then a visit from her and Alex on their honeymoon!
We are back to the routine with the departure of Keith’s parents.
So, in true me fashion I kicked the nursery into high gear! A little paint, some rearranging of furniture and a few new purchases and we are on our way.
Painting in New Caledonia, a whole new experience at the paint store! First of all you must get over the sticker shock, 1 gallon of paint, 9250xpf or roughly $113!!! Then there is the colour selection done on one fan deck, with one company. The very friendly man who mixed my paint also smoked a cigarette and shared an espresso with his buddy while the navy blue was mixed by the machine. Add in my brush, paint roller and tray and more money and I was ready to roll! Now, I didn’t foresee any issues such as extreme heat and ventilation. So, I cranked the AC, opened the window and hoped for the best. The paint was actually really good! It went on really easily and the colour ( although dark) only required 2 coats. My solution to ventilation worked well and I was able to leave just the window open over night. On to the next steps, such as bedding and decor. I decided to go to my old friend, the Etsy website, they ship to New Caledonia ( one of the few websites that does) and I found a few treasures to brighten up the room. Seth seems to be taking it all in stride, giving the tour to all that come to the house, “it’s blue!”
As for the rest of the gear for baby #2 there are two great stores in Noumea, Bébé Roi and Petit Homme. Both filled with all the necessities plus! As everything does on the island, it will cost more but they carry many of the North American/Australian/European brands. We luckily don’t need much since we brought most of our baby stuff with us in our air shipment.
2014 begins with lots of promise, new baby, new adventures and new discoveries. Happy New Year!


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