It’s January and this place is like the Sahara. Since arriving back from our trip home in August it has rained a total of three days, without exaggeration! Everyday this summer it’s been hot, humid and not a cloud in the sky.
It’s a bit scary really. You see animals in pastures with their ribs showing. Farmers have been asking the government for assistant with supplying feed for their animals that are literally starving. You see, most animals here are pasture fed. They feed on the grass in the field where they live. I have been told that feed is very expensive and also hard to come by. Creeks that the animals drank from are dried and animals are suffering. It’s sad!
The lack if significant rain has also put many, 13 communities to be exact, in the extremely high risk of bush fires. Last month 600 hectares burned in Koumac and there have also been fires in Bouloparis.
And if all those problems aren’t enough then there is the warming of the lagoon around the island and the ocean itself. Right now the ocean temperature is hovering around 27 Celsius. I know it sounds great, but, as each day passes and it continues to rise the risk of cyclone increases. Warm waters add to the intensity of the cyclone. Not what we want!
So after almost five months of continual sun I think we are ready for some rain! A good dosing of two or three days would be great. Who ever thought I’d be asking for rain?


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