Cyclone season round two

So, it’s mid January. It’s been crazy hot for weeks. And just went you think the heat will never end Mother Nature decides it’s time to remind you of the way things work in the South Pacific. It is after all cyclone season.
Yesterday as the rain came down in bucketfuls, I received the call. It was Keith, we are on pre-alert, there is a tropical depression en route for New Caledonia. Luckily, my instincts had already kicked in and I was at the grocery store. I stocked up on the necessities and headed for home. It rained and rained and rained some more. Later in the evening we moved to orange which is a step up. Pretty much prepare for the cyclone she, yes she this time is on her way. It rained through the night and the wind picked up.
This morning we picked up stuff in the yard, dismantled the trampoline and folded up the patio furniture. The weather forecasts warned that June was now a category 2 cyclone headed for western New Caledonia. She was moving slowly south and would be 80km of shore of Koné by 8pm. It rained, the wind blew, it rained more and then to everyone’s surprise the sun came out. Huh? Yup, June decided to turn slightly more west and skirted by us.
I must say I am relieved. There was still flooding, some places had 200mm of rain. The road to our old apartment on the Route 1 outside of Pouembout is flooded and therefore cutting of people from the main part of town.
So there you have it. We slipped by another cyclone but then again, it’s only January we still have a few more months to go!


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