New money


It’s Tuesday morning in New Caledonia and after cleaning up the house, dropping Seth at Nounou for the morning and doing laundry I must admit I was a bit bored. I figured a nice meal was in order. So I decided on Greek pork, salad and rice with dill yogurt sauce. This would give me a task. Off to the grocery store I went for a few missing ingredients. I decided on a quick stop at the bank machine for cash in case my groceries were less than 2000xpf and then I wouldn’t be able to use my card.
As I approached the bank machine I was reminded that as of yesterday new bills were being introduced here on the island! These bills were meant to be smaller ( maybe they would fit in a wallet?) and have more security features on them. After inserting my card and PIN I looked at the options. Which would give me the most variety of bills? Not 10 000xpf that would be one. Not 5000, one as well. I settled on 6000 xpf knowing then I would get at least two new bills. Sure enough, I received my 5000 & 1000 and I was on my way.
I inspected them in the car. The 1000 bill is small! Such a big change from the previous one that I had to fold to fit in my bill fold of my wallet. The 5000 a bit bigger but still much smaller in comparison to it’s predecessor. Upon further investigation I found out that the 500 note again is smaller than the 1000 and the 10 000 again bigger than the 5000. It makes sense, I guess, the smaller the bill the small the amount.
I will admit my favourite is the 5000, it’s blue, just like a $5 Canadian bill. It has fish, coral and Tahitian pearls on it. It’s quite catching!
So there you have it, a quick jaunt to the grocery store can always lead to adventure…I mean, it is New Caledonia right?


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