Life in New Caledonia is never dull. Just when you think it’s time for a calm, stay at home weekend the island throws you a curve ball. And, as always, it’s an adventure.
This weekend was meant to be a calm weekend. Get some chores completed, work on the nursery and catch up with friends. Instead on Friday we moved out of our house and into a hotel, temporarily.
After a month of toilets not draining, gurgling faucets and water backing up in the shower the plumber arrived to fix the problem. After digging up the yard, inspecting the pipes and adjusting them the man knocked on my door to see if it had worked. Within 10 seconds I knew the results were not good. It was worse and to add to matters he informed me that our septic tank was full and the lines blocked. Madame, you have no plumbing. I looked at my watch, Friday 3pm. Oh dear god! He assured me he was trying everything to get the septic truck to come but, c’est le weekend!
I made a quick call to Keith, updating him on the goings on. Fast forward a few hours and everyone had left and nothing had changed. I packed a suitcase so we could move to a hotel until the could resolve the problem. I was impressed with the response of Keith’s employer. They helped us quickly and we were settled into the room by 7.
So, we are living in a hotel for now. Not sure of when we will return to our place. Hopefully, Monday will bring about some idea of what and when they will fix the problems. So, until then we are living out of a suitcase. But fear not there is always a bright side! On the hottest of weekends as the temperatures soar well into the 30s we are delighted to be spending lots of time at the hotel pool! It’s always an adventure! I’ll keep you posted.


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