Sometimes you want your mom

Being an expat is a wonderful experience. Looking back a year I am so happy with our decision to move here to New Caledonia. Yet, I would be lying if I said I never missed home. Sure I am an adult, a mother and a wife but, I also miss my mom. It makes me feel like I am 10 years old again. Before I go any further I want to first point out that I am quite happy here and my husband and friends here are great. But , there is just something about your mom isn’t there?
I wish I could transport myself in my magic travel machine to King Avenue.
There my mom would do my laundry, feed my copious amounts of food and make me elevate my feet. She would force feed me yogurt, cheese, sandwiches, cut up fruit and bottles of water. She would put pillows under my feet to prevent pregnancy swelling and tell me to rest. When I was 18 this would have driven me insane! Now pushing 35 I would love to have one day of it. A day of my mom being my mom. She has a knack for taking care if people. It’s her thing. Maybe that’s why she was such an excellent nurse for 35 years? She would never complain. She would be happy to help.
It’s days like today that you realize that although living 14 538 kms(give or take) has lots of advantages such as travel, culture, meeting new people, getting to know who you really are etc it also lends itself to sometimes missing your friends and family.
So, instead of wallowing in my lonesomeness, I will do what I do when I feel this way. I will cook a cosy meal ( today French onion soup) I will cuddle up with my son and wait for Keith to come home so we can be just us, our little family. It kind of sounds like what my mom would do! Love you Mom!

My mom & sister Jane in August


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you want your mom

  1. Hello! I was forwarded to your blog by Gertjan whom I met through his blog. I hope I don’t mind I read through all your articles, they were very interesting! We are dreaming of an expat assignment in NC (a French-Finnish family in Finland) and it was wonderful to read the experiences of someone who is already there! Thank you! best regards, Annika

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