I will never…

Before we had Seth I distinctly remember saying to my friend Layna two things. ” I will never make baby food or cloth diaper!” Well within 6 months of having Seth I was in my kitchen steaming and blitzing up batches of homemade baby food. The cloth diapers? Still on my never list!
Well someone wise once said, never say never. You, by now have guessed it, I have decided to cloth diaper baby boy number two. No I haven’t been hit on the head. After lots of research and debate I’ve decided there is basically no better place to do cloth than New Caledonia. Who knew?
The idea started rattling around in my head in January. I was discussing my difficulty finding diapers in Seth’s size in Koné. I usually buy 2-3 boxes while in Noumea or whenever I see them in Koné. It’s not impossible but sometimes I see myself travelling to 3-4 stores looking for the size and the brand. It had been proving difficult and because if this I was already looking for newborn and size 1 to stockpile. As I told my friend she casually said, “have you ever considered cloth?” All I needed was that spark, the fire had been lit. I spent the next three afternoons online reading and researching cloth diapering. I mentioned it to another friend and she seemed interested as well. Besides the obvious convenience of not having to buy them there was also the added financial bonus. Diapers in a box, depending on size of course, run around 3875 xpf for 70, in CAD that is around $49.66! So let’s say $50, I go through 4 boxes a month. Well that’s easy enough, $200!!!!! The thought of have a newborn and possibly Seth ( that’s a whole other story) in diapers was looking like $400 a months not including the $10 CDN per package baby wipes. I swallowed hard multiplying the 400 by 6 months, that’s a lot if money!
After a lot more research, what did people do before Google? I decided to take the plunge. I went online and ordered 12 diapers. The cost? Around $120 CDN. Now mind you 12 diapers is not enough to cloth diaper full time but it’s a start. I plan on testing out the 3 different brands I ordered on the baby and then purchasing more of the one I like best when I go to Canada this summer.
Now let’s talk about why New Caledonia is a great place to cloth diaper. Well most cloth diapers benefit from line drying, and with what seems like 365 days of sun here it’s a no brainer. You need to wash you diapers every day to second day, this requires time. Well let’s face it, I have lots of time. Then there is the totally useless but still valid cute factor, in a place where lots of babies wear often just a t-shirt and diaper, the cute little prints get to be seen. Another interesting reason has to do with heat. Diaper rash is said to be much less prevalent with cloth diapers. Finally, there is the obvious environmental benefits. Disposable diapers end up in landfills and take many many years to decompose or as the garbage is dealt with here put in the dump or burned.
So there you have it, another I will never, moved to the I will try it column. I may change my mind after a few weeks but I am willingly to try. I makes me wonder how many more things out of my comfort zone I will attempt? I guess the sky is the limit. I will let you know how it goes.


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