Our first (unexpected) trip to the dentist

I have been finding myself writing and then deleting blog entries as of late. Nothing seems that interesting nor that exciting. Maybe, it’s my third trimester of pregnancy that is slowing me down a bit. We are back from a fantastic trip to New Zealand, another ultrasound trip to Noumea, we are potty training and I think we are finally prepared for the baby to arrive. So, with everything being ticked of the list we decided to stay at home and have supper with our neighbours last Saturday. I am sure it will be a night out they don’t forget.

It started as a normal evening. Supper was prepped, the house clean and Seth playing outside. In mere minutes our casual get together went  from a relaxing evening to chaos. Seth was swinging on the swing in plain sight. I was actually watching him, as his loud laughter was infectious. Then he fell backwards off the swing. This is a common occurrence, and he is tough. We never have tears over falling. But as he hit the ground I could see the silent tears. You know, the ones that are silent before that gasp of air and the real crying begins? Those ones, the I am really hurt ones. Keith ran to grab him and as he scooped him up I saw the waterfall of dark red blood. Every mother and father’s nightmare, a hurt or sick child. He was screaming my tongue, my tongue! I had visions of a trip to the dispensaire and stitches, not what came next. As Keith encouraged him to open his mouth, I heard the collective gasp…he had no front tooth! We brought him inside and after soaking two faceclothes with blood, it quickly stopped and so did the tears. Once cleaned up we were able to see two things; his scrapped chin and the second, a large gap where his tooth once belonged. I wanted to cry. My perfect little guy had been tarnished. I know it could have been much worse; scars that last forever, a broken bone etc but I couldn’t help feeling my heart sink. He was a really trooper. He literally cried for 3-4 minutes until the bleeding stopped then requested a bath because he was dirty!
Our company found the tooth on the ground. It was perfect! No cracks, no chips, no fragments left behind. I hoped it could be replaced…but had a sneaky suspicion it couldn’t be. I was right.
On Monday morning we were off to the dentist here in Koné. I called for an appointment and was told there was no need. From 8am-11:30am is open for walk ins. I got the directions and off we went. I must admit I did get a little lost as the dentist office is unmarked…surprised? Upon arrival at 8:15, I was told there were 10 people ahead of me. They were kind enough to take my number and say they would call when they were ready for us. In the mean time Seth had no complaints, he ate normally, and seemed to have zero pain. When people asked him what happened his answer was , “I hurt my chin”. Keith and I could only laugh at his response, umm what about your tooth? Shortly after lunch we were called and returned to Dr Brigitte Villacres’ office. In 5 minutes she was able to check Seth’s tooth, or should I say the previous spot where he once had a tooth and the tooth (which I had brought along) She asked me if I wanted it to be put back in, was this possible? Because the answer was, if so, of course! It wasn’t. She also inspected the tooth. Impressive she told me. In 25 yrs she had never seen such a perfect ‘extraction’. She asked if she could keep the tooth to show colleagues. I said politely no. Her advice was, there are not fragments, no roots, no issues. It will take 4-5 years for his adult tooth to come in as his is only 2.5. He should heal in no time and the only issues are the tooth coming in longer or at an angle as the baby tooth acts as guide for the adult tooth. I thanked her and we were on our way.
I must admit on the way home I cried. I wished there was something I could do. Five years seemed so long with no front tooth. Would it affect his speech? Would he be teased? Seth on the other hand was quite pleased. The dentist had ‘fixed his chin!’
In the week that has passed I have grown slightly more used to his new look. The swelling has gone down and his chin is almost healed. I have not however given up my search to find a dentist willing to consider some type of replacement. I figure it’s worth a shot. But until then I will enjoy my little one tooth wonder because, as like any child, he doesn’t seem to care!



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