The sisterhood of the travelling Moms

Life as an expat can sometimes feel lonely. It can lend itself to long days and thoughts of home. On the other hand it can be just the opposite with weekly calendars filled with social activities. In either case being a mom in Koné is far from boring. I have been lucky, finding a large group of moms with young children. We meet Friday mornings for a playgroup that usually involves coffee, too much food, lots of busy children and more recently a slew of growing pregnant bellies.
While sometimes being in a foreign country can have it’s challenges, having this group of women makes life easier. It can be simple things such as; has anyone seen size 5 diapers? Or what is the equivalent to Tylenol (it’s Doliprane) or more complicated questions like where should I give birth? There is always lots of discussion and opinion. It’s great! And with husbands that often work long hours it makes the time pass quickly. Recent questions and issues that I had solved by the moms? Where to find baby supplies, opinions on OB/GYNs on the island, where they are hiding size 5 diapers, what Nounous are good and better yet, available, and what pizza takeout is the best. There is no question that hasn’t been asked.
Then there is the Noumea cargo line, as I call it. Most weeks someone has to go to Noumea, whether it be for a weekend away, an airport pick up or drop off or a doctors appointment, it seems there is someone always going to the city. This lends itself to a lot of, “does anyone need anything?” We have transported boxes of cereal, probiotics, coffee capsules, baking powder, English magazines and many odds and ends. While others have brought us big boxes of diapers, hot salsa and horseradish amongst other things. No one would ever not ask, it’s just part of the trip, what do we need and what do our friends need?
Most recently I have experienced such kindness from the moms. When worried about what to do with Seth while I had yet another ultrasound in Noumea, I had no less than 3 offers to take him for the day. These are women with young children of their own, with school schedules, babies to feed and their own lives to take care of. But they understand what it’s like not to have grandma close by. Then when Seth knocked his front tooth out, I made one phone call and one post online and I had names of dentists, advice on what to do and just kind words of support. It made it all seem a little less terrible.
Having a support team when away from home is important. You need your go to people, people you can trust and ask for help from. It can merely be someone to have a coffee with on the day your missing an event back home, someone to laugh at the mistakes you’ve made or someone to text you when there are blueberries at the store. All together it means a lot!
So thank you to all my mom friends in Koné, you are greatly appreciated.



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