Getting ready for Baby

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant! Six weeks to go! It’s been a long pregnancy with lots of ups and downs. It’s been much different than my first pregnancy with Seth. I have had no less than 5 ultrasounds, had 16 weeks of all day nausea, he was breech and I survived being pregnant in the summer in New Caledonia. But, that is all behind us now. I consider the next 6 weeks to be the most exciting and enjoyable. Why? You may ask.
Well there is the nursery set up. Admittedly, I have had most of it done since February. The finishing touches have been added and all that is left to do is hang out little guy’s name above the change table (and no, I am not telling you his name) Decorating this time was quite a bit more challenging. The choices on the island are much more limited but, really if you start early you can find almost everything you are looking for. There have been multiple orders from Etsy and a few orders from Target and Amazon. But, because I started early all arrived in lots of time. I did buy things here, the chair from Fly, the pack n play from Géant, the curtains at Discount and the carpet from a lovely shop in Noumea called Tapis et Cie. I had the wonderful Levi ( who does fly in, fly out to Bathurst) bring me a small bag of newborn clothes and they all have been washed and put away. There is also the boxes of baby supplies I brought from Canada when we moved. I was pregnant at the time and packed the essentials. Although the pregnancy ended early, it’s been a blessing to have those things here. There are also two beautiful baby stores in Noumea with everything you would ever need, Bébé Roi and Petit Homme. Both have everything your heart would ever desire but also have island price tags attached to those things. The only thing I have yet to find is an Exersaucer.
Next is the food prep! Now I know lots of people probably think I am a little crazy but we did it before Seth and it was so helpful. Every time I make a casserole or big meal I just make extra. So far I have 6 meals ready and frozen. I aim to have 20 or so for those first few weeks. Then, all you need to do is preheat your oven toss it in and add a salad or some bread and ta da! It’s great for those days when you realize it’s noon and you haven’t gotten out if your pjs yet!
Then there is the inevitable packing of the hospital bag. This has been started but not yet completed. It’s a big job here on the island. Your hospital stay is 5 days. There is no things are going well so you get to leave 24 hrs after or anything like that. So, they ask you to pack 2 bags, one for labour and delivery and then second for your stay. You need to bring your own towels and facecloths, diapers and wipes, clothing for you and baby for 5 days, blankets for baby, all the documents that you have, and those are just the required things. I imagine I will want to bring along my phone, camera, iPad, a book, snacks etc! Baby Buddy is packed, I am not.
Then there is what I call the last minute cleaning frenzy, you know when that nesting instinct kicks in, the wall scrubbing, closet cleaning and general cleaning bonanza you do right before giving birth. I will admit, I have started mucking out a few things but I am not there yet.
But, not to worry, in the meantime I have lots to do. Easter is right around the corner and I plan on eating my way through that long weekend. Then there is the arrival of Mimi aka my middle sister Jane from Toronto and what I feel is the most important these last few weeks, Seth and Mommy time. Time where it’s all about him for the last time. I get weepy every time if think of him no longer being my little baby. He is 2.5 now and becoming such a little man. I know that he will love his brother and be so sweet. Yet, I also consider his feelings when Mommy and Daddy will be paying so much attention to this wriggly little being. I am sure he will take it all in stride, just as he has done with most everything in his 2.5 years. He is just that kind of child.
Well I am off, I have walls to scrub, laundry to do and ice cream to eat!




One thought on “Getting ready for Baby

  1. Such a sweet nursery! I’m so happy you and the family are doing well. Love to read all of your posts, and most of all, I wish you nothing but happiness in these last few weeks of pregnancy before your life changes again ❤ Best wishes, Kat!!

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