Tick tock

When I started the blog back 17 months ago, I named it adventures in New Caledonia. Accordingly, the first year was full of adventure. Everything was new and exotic. Then things seemed to get more normal and familiar. The huge changes to everyday life became regular and then the change seemed to have less wow factor. Yet, I feel suddenly that same sense of fear and anticipation as we await the birth of our second son or as we affectionately call him Baby Buddy. All is new again!
Pregnancy on the island has had it’s ups and downs. The care is excellent and I am thankful to have had an excellent midwife, Cécile, guiding me through the pregnancy. I have laughed in her office and cried. I have had her repeat things, and explain them again. I watched as she showed Seth his baby brother on the ultrasound screen and checked Seth’s heartbeat. It has been great. But now comes the unknown, and that ‘oh wait this isn’t my home country’ creeps back to visit.
The first unknown was were to deliver the baby. It was a tough decision. Either of our two options included travel as there is no hospital in Koné. Noumea or Koumac? Noumea involved the family moving to the city 4 weeks before hand. We’d stay in a hotel and basically wait for Baby Buddy to arrive. The logistics for this option were tricky. With no friends or relatives in Noumea you first need a hotel for 1 month. Then there is the matter of Keith’s work, he needs to be on site so he’d have to work Monday to Friday in Koné leaving Seth & I in Noumea. So, what to do then if I went into labour? The possibility of delivering the baby while Keith was en route to Noumea was possible. As was having to take Seth to the hospital? It just didn’t seem to work!
Then there was Koumac Hospital, an hour north of Koné. A small, okay tiny hospital with the capabilities to deliver non at risk deliveries but, still a hundred kilometres away and would it have the same standard of care? After much deliberation it was decided that Koumac was the answer. We also decided someone needed to be here to help. My sister Jane won the draw and it was agreed she would come for three weeks. But when? Not too early and not too late. So we chose 6 days before my due date hoping the timing would work out. My fingers are crossed! With two weeks to go and already one false alarm I wonder if she will make it. So, then comes into play the next step of having a baby so far from family, who can we ask to help? I am spoiled, and so grateful, as we have had an outpouring of offers to help. Offers to drive me to site where I can meet Keith and continue on, offers to take Seth during the day and night, offers to take Seth so I can rest! All from other moms! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they all live here with no family and many of them have done this before. I feel blessed!
So, now it’s just a waiting game. Tick, tick, tick….have I mentioned I am impatient? The waiting feel like an eternity. I am living Ground Hog Day, the movie. I get up, eat, respond to emails (no baby yet), waddle to the store, waddle home, eat lunch, nap with Seth, do laundry, make supper, eat it, get ready for bed, wait for baby…repeat! Yet, I remind myself and Keith, our days as a family of 3 are limited. Soon it will be 4 of us . It seems surreal, how could it be? It seems like yesterday it was just Keith and I.
So we wait. The how and when truly is one of those life surprises. There is really no telling when this baby will come into the world. I will keep you posted.


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