The waiting game

I know myself, I knew this would be the hardest part of my pregnancy, the 3 days before my due date. I am not a patient person. It’s funny how you can convince your mind of something and begin to believe it. I had convinced myself I was having the baby on May 19. I think I started telling myself that back in January. So, now that it’s come and gone, I am cranky and waiting.
I had it all planned out. Jane would arrive Saturday, I would have the baby Monday ( after she was settled) and be home by Friday! It was a great plan…except babies come when they are ready, not when I pencil them in.
So, now we wait. Tick, tick, tick, I can hear the seconds literally ticking by. Any baby movement and I am immediately on high alert thinking, “is it go time?”
So, I have been filling my days with things to keep me occupied; repacking my hospital bag, replacing batteries all over the house, washing baby clothes, setting up social events I may have to cancel, eating, eating and eating, checking the mail, making lists, and being a bit grumpy. I know I am probably not the most fun to be with at the moment but I guess it’s temporary! Surprisingly, I have a ton of patience for Seth. He is a bit off with all the commotion and I seem to not be bothered by his silliness.
So now we wait. Tick, tick, tick. Is it time yet? No, apparently not yet. I will keep you posted!


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