Where is the beef?

After doing a quick stroll through my blogs I realize that I haven’t written about food in a long time! I have never attended so many BBQs, dinner parties and coffee dates as I have in Koné. Socializing here revolves around food. Now sometimes getting exactly what you want is not as easy as you wish but I now think it’s part of the process.
First step in deciding what to make is not deciding. It’s getting in the car and heading out to the store. I usually head to the Discount, as their vegetables as of late have been quite good. There I see what looks good. Right now in season is broccoli, oranges, carrots, turnip and sweet potatoes, it is winter after all! From there you flip through your Rolodex of recipes filed in your brain. What can I make?
Step two is a no brainer, go to the bakery. Do not pass go, do not collect $200…you get the idea. No meal here is complete without baguette. So it’s off to pick your baguette; sesame, multigrain, traditional, blanche, etc. Then some French wine from the wine store, yes, there is a wine store! After some discussion with the staff it’s off to the butcher. Now, if I have learned one thing living here it’s this, your plan could all fall apart at this point. Flexibility is key, but also knowing your butcher helps. No pork tenderloin? Ask, he might just have a whole pig in the back or not. But it’s always worth a try. We have two proper butcher shops in town, one at Koné centre and the other in Pouembout. Both are great choices. Another good tip is you can never go wrong with filet de boeuf aka beef tenderloin. It’s delicious! But if all else fails and you just can’t find what you want there is no need to worry! Why? You ask, because New Caledonia has the best, and I mean the best shrimp aka prawns! I am a New Brunswick girl and where I am from has fantastic seafood but I have to say New Cal has NB beat in the shrimp department. There are always delicious Sopac frozen shrimp. Yes, frozen but so good!
Other tips on eating in Koné include; no cheese is bad cheese, adding cream and butter makes everything better and if you want good dessert don’t come to my house!

This morning’s delivery at the butcher.


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