So you want to go to Canada, eh?

It’s that time of year again, time to start getting ready for the annual trek back to New Brunswick. In some ways it’s hard to believe a whole year has passed and in other ways it seems like it’s been a long wait. Many things have changed in our life since last July. We had Theo just 5 short weeks ago, we agreed to staying until December 2015 rather than 2014, we have settled into our island life and travelled to Australia and New Zealand. I am not quite sure if it’s because of our new addition or because it’s been a full year this time or because of both but I am more anxious than ever to get home. But, as usual getting home is a process.
This year the process is easier in some aspects and more difficult in others. Last year seems like a breeze! Seth and I travelled home together and Keith followed later. Seth was fantastic tolerating the 10 hour layover in Auckland and then sleeping most of the 14 hour flight to Vancouver. We made it to Bathurst with smiles on our faces and not too tired. This year I am doing it with not only with Seth, but Theo too! It has added some juggling to the mix. Like last year, the stroller will not be allowed to be gate checked and will only be available when I change from international to domestic in Vancouver. So, what do you do with a newborn with no stroller? You wear them! An investment was made for a new Beco carrier to make life easier for our 50 hour hop. So, baby on front, toddler holding my hand? Hmm, it seemed much to easy for him to bolt. So, I will do what I vowed never to do, he will wear a backpack with a leash. Now, before you go judging (like I used to) realize it’s for safety. I need to know he is unable to flee. He is two, if he sees a toy, another child, anything interesting he will be off to the races. Okay, so we have the kids figured out now what about luggage? It can only be one carry on because I really can’t handle anymore. After some test runs it’s been decided it will be a backpack. So let’s recap thus far; newborn strapped to front, luggage on back and toddler on backpack leash. Can you picture me? Are you laughing yet? No? Wait for it… I have attached to my backpack my travel breastfeeding pillow Now that you are chuckling aloud I will explain why. Well, first is obvious, I am breastfeeding but second is it also provides a place to lay/sit baby in the airport or even on the plane. After all I will have to hold him for 24 hours before I get my stroller back ! I am thinking we will probably draw a bit of attention. So, we are all settled for on board but what about checked bags? Hmm well you’d think this would be easy but let us not forget about picking our bags up once we arrive in Vancouver and travelling up a floor, down a hallway and rechecking them, all the time with my backpacker look going on. Oh yeah, and pushing my stroller with car seat! If you didn’t laugh at the image before, you have to now. Even I find the thought quite hilarious. As you can probably imagine it took all of 10 seconds to decide it would be one suitcase with all our clothes in it.
The rest of the trip seems like a dream after that possible fiasco! It’s a quick 5 hours from Vancouver to Montreal, then an overnight at the airport hotel and then an easy 1.5 hour flight to Bathurst! Phew! I will probably kiss the tarmac upon arrival. Yet, it’s all worth it! There is no better place in the world in July and August then Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada! There is an air about the town, a relaxed feeling that I just can’t accurately describe. Whether it’s Hospitality Days, Youghall Beach, Danny Burgers or the Gowan Brae there is just something about it. Is it because it’s home? Maybe. Or is there just something about this little jewel in the summer. I can’t answer you for sure but I know, there is no where else I’d rather be! Maybe I’ll see you there!



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