Our Canadian Summer Part 1

My trip home to Canada, although long, went off without a hitch. The kids were awesome and I was proud of myself for making the 15, 000 km journey alone with an almost 3 year old and 7 week old.
Once we arrived ( and yes, I cried upon descend again this year) we were greeted by friends and family. Seth recognized everyone which made me so happy! The jet was not as crazy as last summer but it was still a good 5 days of being upside down and backwards. I was smarter this year planning nothing for the first few days. I guess I learned from last year that no plan is a good plan in those first few days.
Since arriving 2 weeks ago we have been to the park, splash pad, beach, had a picnic, been to BBQs, golfed, played with friends and even immunizations for Theo. It’s been busy and in the next 4 weeks the pace probably won’t slow either.
I surprise myself at the ease of returning to my North American ways and pace of life. It’s almost immediate. Drive thru coffees, easy grocery shopping, trying to do 25 things each day. It can be intense. I wonder why it returns so easily? Is it because it’s so ingrained in my being? Is it because I know it’s only for a short time ? I also notice more this time the draw of fast food. I wonder if it’s because of it’s availability or is the ease? Knowing that it’s not something we can get in Koné makes it a novelty. Another thing I have noticed and found extremely interesting is the lack of patience in Canada. On day one I waited in a line at where else but Tim Hortons, and listened to everyone complain! The line had maybe 12 people in it. While I ogled the menu I could hear the constant sighs and fidgeting behind me. The line lasted maybe 5 minutes but people were so irritated. Again yesterday I witnessed the impatience at the grocery store , when there were 3 people in line and a woman felt the need to edge in front of me. I wondered to myself what is so pressing? And yet again as we waited at the doctor’s office I watched as people complained to the secretary that the wait was too long. Don’t get me wrong, I get it to an extent but I also wonder what is so urgent? In a world with an abundance of convenience does patience cease to exist?
Yet, you can not deny the ease of life here. Everything you ever wanted at your finger tips and if not, it can be delivered in 24 hrs! It’s easy, convenient and I admit, I like it.
So as you can imagine, I must go! I have a coffee to grab, groceries to buy, a child to pick up and a beach visit to make all before lunch! Until next time!



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