So long

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. And in the case of being an expat and living thousands of kilometres from home, they couldn’t be more right. Spending the majority of the summer in my hometown of Bathurst has made leaving this year even worse. Five weeks of friends, family, food, beach days, golf and non stop fun end in a little more than 24 hrs. I feel torn in so many ways, it reminds me of the ebb and flow of the tide with it’s back and forth motion. I want to stay but I must go. I will miss my family and friends but I also miss the routine of Koné. I want to be here but I still want to explore the Southern Hemisphere a bit more.
As I have said before there is no better place than Bathurst in the summer. There is a vibe, a feeling, a sense of urgency to be outside, jam pack as much activity and fun as you can into those short weeks of hot and sunshine. Yet, as fast as the summer arrives, it leaves, and as if it were a sign, the temperatures are dropping and I see those first signs of autumn approaching. School begins in a week and the return to routine does as well. In a way, it makes leaving easier, knowing that the carefree fun is coming to a close.
Seth has had the time of his life with lots of time with his two sets of grandparents, hours of play with his friends and presents and treats at every junction. He now knows where everyone lives and how to get there, who has the Popsicles and who has the apple juice. He has learned how to peddle a bike, how to play hockey and what a real poutine tastes like.
But tomorrow morning we begin the journey back home. We will fly to Montreal and detour to my sister’s wedding and then continue the journey home. It makes me feel heavy and I want to drag my feet but I know that adventure awaits. With only one year left we still have lots we want to do and see. But before we go we want to thank everyone; my parents, Keith’s parents, Tim & Layna, Mark & Katie, Cindy & Terry, Chrissy, Todd & Cathy, Dave & Nikki, Brian & Carolyn, Wayne & Lise, Stewart & Jody, Chris & Tracey, Robbie & Allyson, Jon & Amy, Kevin & Laura, Erika, Tara, Lisa, Colin, Tandi, Marika, Amy and all your children. Hopefully there is no one I have missed. It’s been great and we appreciate your friendship! Until we meet again!


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