Home again home again

Well, after 6 fantastic weeks in Canada we are back home. After all the eating, drinking, visiting and living out if a suitcase it’s good to be back. Last year upon return I felt a pit in my stomach and when we landed I think I sighed aloud. The town felt quiet, the grocery stores barren and the days long.
This year we landed and I think I breathed a sigh of relief that I was home. After a week of rain everything was green. The mountains seemed more impressive than usual. The turquoise water and reef more beautiful than ever. It was still crazy hot though. The pilot announced it was 23 but it felt much, much warmer.
Once we arrived in Koné things were a buzz. Construction everywhere, lots of traffic and movement. Our house was a welcome sight for our tired family. Upon entering the house Seth ran to his toys and immediately started to play. We, in turn began unpacking our 8 suitcases. We had brought back all the gifts from friends and family, that included toys for Seth. We had measuring cups, shower curtains, games, English magazines, soothers and lots of new clothes.
I made a grocery list and planned out our menu for the week. Off to the grocery store we went and found EVERYTHING on our list! I was impressed! Yes, there was still no plethora of fruit and veggie trays, pre made sushi and fresh milk but what we needed was there and it felt great to buy a triangle of Brie for $4 and a still warm baguette.
The weekend has brought on lots of projects. Hanging my clothesline, installing shelves, unpacking those boxes I didn’t get to before I left and mowing the lawn.
Also on the agenda is catching up with friends, finding out what’s new with everyone, what we missed and what the plans are for the next few months.
We personally are looking forward to a possible visit from one of our best friends from home ( fingers crossed), going to the new Sheraton Deva Resort & Spa in Bourail, a trip to Melbourne and Halloween.
Bathurst will always be my home in my heart. But what I have realized is that home for our family is New Caledonia. It’s where we live and work. It’s home. Like Seth said when we walked through the door, “Ah Mommy, we are home “. Yes we are Seth , yes we are.


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