Birthday Party!

It’s totally unbelievable to me and I am not really sure how it happened, but Seth turned 3 on September 19th. I guess time flies when you are having fun! Since he was turning 3 and because last year we didn’t, we decided a birthday party was in order.
This year I was determined to be organized well ahead of time so, about 6 weeks ago, while on vacation I brought Seth to the party section at Target. “What kind of party would you like?” I asked
“No thank you Mommy.” He answered
This would be tougher than I had anticipated. After some suggestions on my part he told me, no not that, I would like Cat and the hat. It was one of those oh no, what?
So, after we found a few decorations I decided to figure it out later.
Once back on the island with my bag of party supplies I logged into Pinterest for some inspiration. Big mistake! Pinterest , although awesome, can make you instantly feel like a terrible mother. You haven’t printed labels for water bottles? Spent 12 weekends making the perfect piñata? What kind of mother are you? I decided two things; 1) Birthday parties are not the same as when I was a child 2) I was never going to be able to recreate these parties in Koné. Phew! I decided I would roll with it and try and find a cake I was capable of recreating.
The stars were aligned as I found red & blue party supplies and we found cupcake wrappers a friend had given me when she left the island. Things were looking good! We rented a bouncy castle from Evenement NC for the entertainment and the menu of hotdogs, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and mac & cheese was decided upon. Then came the task of collecting all the groceries. I started a week early and went once a day to one or two stores. I wanted to make a vegetable tray and fruit skewers which took a little shopping around to find all the items, but again, I had good luck. The toughest part would be the 20-30 hotdog & hamburger buns I needed. It’s not like North America where you drop into any store and pick them up. Here they are made once a week by the bakery and each store gets about 4 pkgs. of 4! I planned on calling the bakery to see if I could order them but, when I spotted the delivery truck from the bakery I basically accosted the driver. Hello sir, I am looking for hamburger buns do you have any in your truck? Yes?? How many? Three dozen? I will take them all please! He must have thought I was so bizarre! So there I was making deals out of the truck with a baby and toddler in tow. Once all the hunting and gathering was done I set to work making the cupcakes. They were Cat and the Hat of course, with the Cat’s hat on top of each with candy. Four hours later we had 24 Cat and the Hat cupcakes. It was then time to slow cook the pulled pork, make the BBQ sauce and coleslaw dressing, make the veggie tray and fruit skewers.We decorated, cleaned up and the 30 minutes to spare we were read. Just enough time for me to fantasize about the next party being at McDonald’s!
But, the look on Seth’s face when he awoke from his nap made all our work worth it! He was grinning his one toothed grin from ear to ear and had that sparkle in his eye. We had great fun with the 22 people invited and I was happy with the results.
As our heads hit the pillows on Saturday night I said to Keith, “Done for another year!” To which he responded, “umm no, Theo will be one in May!”






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