On my vacation I gained weight. I guess that’s a sign of a good vacation, when you eat lots and blow off your exercise routine. It did not surprise me in any way that I gained. In a sea of fast food, drive thru coffees, delivery of dinners and easy access to junk food we missed (all dressed chips) I totally over indulged. So, when we returned to the island it was back to better eating and exercise. Then the other night both Keith and I had had one of those days. We wanted an easy dinner, no dishes, no prep, no problem! Oh, but wait, we were in Koné what were the options for take out dinner? Well first we must preface this with it’s not fast food. It’s cooked at the regular speed as a meal. Also nothing serves anything until 6:30pm unless you were lucky enough to catch Tania aka the chicken lady on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning. Other than that, you must wait. So what are the choices you ask?
Option 1Pizza! So you have 3 main choices for pizza;
Pizza Koné, Pizza Dom or Mamma Mia. I personally like Mamma Mia the best. A pizza will run you from 1800-2500 francs ( $25-32)
There is also Pizza Pitou in Pouembout .
Option 2 L’Escale. L’Escale serves up Asian style food à la Koné. Dishes such as Chop Soy, beef & ginger, pork & pineapple, won tons ( deep fried pork dumplings here) it’s good , the servings are large served with rice. It will run you 2900 francs a dish. We usually get two with rice and wontons. It does us dinner and leftover lunch the next day.
Option 3 The food truck. I am sure it has a real name but I just called it the food truck! It’s no Jobie’s but it serves up paninis, French fries, porc au sucre and bami.
Option 4 it’s not really take out but it counts I guess, is the Bakery. The have a selection of quiches and sandwiches at lunch and if you are lucky enough to grab some before they run out at lunch you could technically hide it away until dinner.
That’s it! No McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC, Subway, Tim Hortons, St Hubert etc.
We decided on L’Escale that night. We ordered ahead, picked it up at 6:30 and dashed home to feed Seth before his 7:30 bedtime. It was good and best of all there were no dishes!


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