Inauguaration Saturday

It was just this past Monday that the President of France, Francois Hollande was on site to officially open Koniambo Nickel SAS. Today, five days later was the family Inauguration Day. And what a day it was! We were lucky to be able to finally see where Daddy goes everyday. Seth was up at 5am and had Keith’s work boots on and wanted to pack a lunch and wear his high vis shirt. I think he really thought he was heading to site for a day of work. Once we convinced him it was a visit and that he was not really working we were off. Once there we were bused from the gate onto site. We followed the conveyor that transports the nickel from the mine down the massif to the smelter aka met plant aka usine and were let off at the base vie. It was impressive. The site had an entire fleet of buses and a bus stop that looked like a full city transit system. During construction it was a fully functioning transport system to help facilitate the movement of over 6000 people. Impressive to say the least. Once we arrived we decided to do a tour of site and then enjoy the other activities. I must say it has a wow factor. A sea port, a coal plant, de-sal de-min water treatment, a power station, a smelter, nitrogen plant, an industrial waste water and sewage treatment plant and a nursery, all against the back drop of turquoise water and a coral reef. It was explained that it’s one of the most modern and most eco friendly sites in the world because of it’s proximity to the reef. I also found it neat that most of it is open air, a son Canada everything needs to be housed due to the weather. After our tour we were off to the bouncy castles and games for the kids, we watched some dancing and had a family photo done. We watched the helicopter take off and land as they had a continuous draw for helicopter rides! They also had a giant BBQ and fireworks but with our 2 little guys and the 30+ degree weather we opted out. It was a great morning and I was excited to have had the chance to see it up close. (Note the photos were mostly taken through the bus window therefore the quality is not the best)








Keith’s office is in here

The family

The family


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