Flying over the lagoon

On the second anniversary of our arrival on the island, Keith and I sat down and made a list of the things we wanted to do before this next year was up and we leave New Caledonia. One of the things on Keith’s list was to fly over the Coeur de Voh. The coeur is a natural occurring heart shape in a large mangrove in the town of Voh. It is visible in two ways, by flying over it or by hiking up a hill and overlooking it.
So, when I saw a brochure for a new plane at the Hibiscus Hotel and a special on flights, I knew I had my Christmas shopping all wrapped up. For 14 000xpf (an introductory price) you have a flight that is a little over 30 minutes long in an ultra light plane. For an extra 3450 xpf you can purchase a SD card that they insert into a GoPro that is attached to the plane!
Yesterday Keith headed to the Koné airport to take his flight. It was a hot and sunny day with very few clouds in the sky. Perfect! The plane is new and the pilot welcomed him and explained the trip. Everything was as said and they took off at exactly 11am as scheduled. Excellent for New Cal!
Keith loved the flight. He was able to maneuver the camera with a joystick and view it on an iPad mini while you are recording. I had the chance to watch the video and I must say it’s amazing! The landscape is incredible! Huge mangroves, rivers, beaches, lagoon, reef, ocean and mountains. The contrast of the shades of blue is truly breathtaking. Not only did he see the Coeur de Voh but also, the “trou bleu” one of only two in the world. This is where a hole exists in the lagoon of deep ocean water. All I can say about this whole experience is go and do it! I won’t say more just watch the video   montage I have put together of the highlights!
PS The video is much better quality than what I put together!






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