Language barrier reef?

I want to preface this blog with the fact that I always try to highlight the positive here on the the island. This story is merely an example of a funny experience….
I thought I was so smart! I planned a little me time for the first time in a while. A trip to the hairdresser! I figured with such a good result in December I would go and treat myself. My hairdresser was gone, so I made the appointment with the replacement. I needed my roots touched up and a fresh cut before our trip to New Zealand. It all seemed like the perfect plan.
I am pretty proud to be bilingual and I consider myself lucky everyday! (Thanks Dad for camping out to get me in French immersion in 1985) But, there are times where my French words don’t match their French words. Some times it’s little things like watermelon, melon d’eau in Canada, pastèque here. Or blueberries, bleuets, myrtilles. You get the idea. So when I explained that my colour had faded and it was much more rust/rouille and he didn’t know the word rouille/rouge/ but not too red…I should have stopped him there. Instead I listened as he explained to me what he would do in order to match it. It all seemed okay. But you know that little voice inside you, the nagging one? ALWAYS listen to it! An hour later with my half Ronald McDonald half Rihanna purple hair we decided that;
A) there may be a language barrier
B) he had made a mistake
C) oh là là translates easily!
After a quick attempt to fix it, he told me it was all he could do because now my hair was too saturated with dye. Now, this is when you wish you could explain in a “proper” French accent exactly what needs to happen. But because he can’t understand my accent…you’re Canadian, right? I pay him for the cut (and that was actually very well done) and the brushing and that doesn’t mean to brush your hair, it means to blow dry it with a hair dryer? I was out of there. I asked myself in the car, was this a language barrier? And I also questioned how the expats that don’t speak French operate? Wow! They must be so patient and trusting! I have all the respect in the world for them!
But the icing on the cake was when I went to leave and another client came in. “Hello”, he says to the hairdresser. “Hello, how are you?” Yup, he speaks English! Another day another adventure!


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