Coming and going

It’s been awhile since my last post. We have travelled to Bali & Western Australia in the past month. Bali was out of this world. If you are thinking of a vacation I highly recommend it! Western Australia was equally as good with a great visit with friends, and a trip to Margaret River. But alas we had to come home at some point and so we did. Don’t feel too bad though, we arrived to our close friends moved in just down the street from us! Bathurst is taking over Koné! So we have been helping them settle, and showing them the place. Unfortunately, just as they settle in our friends are packing to leave. Thus bringing me to this whole coming and going. Things are changing in Koné with many people coming to the end of their contract,  it seems like there is a sea container parked in a new yard everyday. There are cars, toys and furniture for sale. Goodbye parties, farewell coffees and send offs. It’s sad seeing people who have been like family go. But, its all part of being part of the community here. You welcome new people when arrive, and celebrate the friendships as the leave. You celebrate holidays and birthdays with them as you would your family and you enjoy learning about their ‘home’. So while we say goodbye to the Duffy Family, we think of it as more of until our paths cross again. And, we welcome the O’Connells Family because our paths have crossed again! 



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