Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in New Caledonia is today, not two weeks ago like in much of the rest of the world. For Mother’s Day I was lucky enough to go jet skiing with two of my girlfriends. A short  20 minute drive to Voh and we were at Gatope beach. We had the perfect weather! The water was like glass, not a cloud in the sky and 25 degrees, perfect! After a quick review of the operating instructions and some life jackets we were off!

I must say today of one of those days that takes your breath away. The water was crystal clear and that turquoise that only seems to exist here in New Cal. As we drove out of the bay we stopped to see a manta ray swimming by. Off we sped out towards the reef and through the lagoon. We stopped frequently to just float over top of the coral gazing down at the electric blue fish, bright green parrot fish, yellow fish, blue starfish. Chantelle saw two turtles and a small shark even! Then there was the aquamarine open water that we jetted across, it was spectacular and with no one else but us there, you felt so free. It was exhilarating!  Two hours flew by and alas it was time to return. It was a morning I will never forget! My only regret is not taking more pictures.

The day ended perfectly with a card from my boys and maybe a little cat nap. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms especially all the New Cal moms and of course my mom!



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